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Awesome API Client- Blog Desk

Posted May 5th, 2006


The other day Duncan came onto the b5media internal forums raving about a new blogging tool he had found and started using. At first it was hard to believe because not long before he and I had both agreed that blogging clients suck.

Since then I’d started using Qumana and Performancing for firefox now and then.

Then I found out about BlogDesk. It’s seriously a revolutionary blogging client, and no one seems to know about it. I won’t rehash everything about it, but you can take a look at Duncan’s post on it.

What did it for Duncan and what did it for me was the in-house image editing. Before BlogDesk it went like this:

1. Decide to post

2. Download an image

3. Open

4. crop, resize, rename, save.

5. open wordpress post panel

6. upload image

7. write post

8. publish

With BlogDesk I save the image, open the program and edit it from the write panel. It’s not photoshop, but you can crop, resize, shadow, and do a few other cool things.

I’m hooked

Why I ditched asides

Posted April 21st, 2006

When I was going through my redesign from the old soft paperish theme to the slightly bolder look I have now, I spent some time trying to decide how I was going to style the asides. For those who never figured it out or weren’t readers back then (not that I have any now), my asides were just little short posts, usually with links to other sites. I’d post stuff that I felt wasn’t deserving of a full entry, but that I wanted readers to see. And this is fine, for a while.

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